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Introduction to  THE PISTOL 

Since we do not encourage anyone to rush a purchase of a handgun just for our class
We still want to offer THE PISTOL introductory class even if you do not currently own a pistol.

2012-2018 LTS Tactical LLC
Loaner Program 
We will provide you with a 9mm pistol and user manual for the class free of charge.
The only additional cost would be for the ammo: $15. Bring ammo payment to class.
Most of what you will learn with our pistol will eventually transfer to your own gun.
The best news is that you can repeat this class once for no charge with your own pistol.
To take advantage of this loaner program, just sign up on the registration page like everyone else, but just enter "Loaner Pistol" in the comments box rather than listing your gun.
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