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Oregon Concealed Handgun License Class *

*Including Multi-State Permits
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LTS Tactical Class Includes:
Oregon State Safety Requirements
Class Instructional Booklet
Live Fire on Our Range
Information from DC Sheriff's Office on Legal Carry
Discussion on Attitude, Awareness and Avoidance
Merchandise Available: Stun Guns, Pepper Spray etc.
Class Information
Length: 8 Hours
Cost:      $50

What you will need: Your pistol (9mm, .380 or .38 Spec minimum)
                                    2 Magazines for semi-autos
                                    84 Rounds of ammo
                                    Eye & ear protection
Need a Pistol for Class?Need a Pistol for Class?
See Class RequirementsSee Class Requirements
LTS Tactical CHL Class Requriements:
You should be familiar with your pistol prior to class. If you are not, we recommend taking our Basic Pistol Class the week before. It will make your CHL class more meaningful and enjoyable.

Please make sure your pistol is in good working order and properly lubricated before class.

We feel strongly about the minimum calber requirement but exceptions can be made; please call me.
About Multi-State Permits:
Most state permits are recognized by some other states; there is no nationwide permit available.
You must obtain your Oregon CHL (if you are an Oregon resident) no matter what other permits you have.

Your Oregon CHL is valid in 26 other states in addition to Oregon.
A non-resident Arizona CWP adds 7 more states to that list (plus some duplications as well).

A non-resident Florida CWL is similar to Arizona but has fewer states.
None of these permits include Washington but WA is easy to obtain when visiting that state. (see link)

Colorado & California are off limits to Oregon residents for concealed carry.
Decide where you want to travel, then check the maps on the permit page to see that they are covered.

A written list is provided in the appendix A of your student class notebook.
Also a good idea to buy a current Traveler's Guide to the Gun Laws of the 50 States* for reference as well.
*Available at the CHL Class