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My Personal Gunsmith

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I am often asked which gunsmith I use personally. While I have had no negative experiences locally, I have been using PISCO in Coquille, Oregon for years. I know Ken personally and also his teacher and mentor, Bob Dunlap who is the father of the American Gunsmithing Institute videos for teaching gunsmithing.
PISCO (Pacific International Service Co)

Gunsmith: Ken Brooks (Master Gunsmith)
140 East Third Street, Coquille, OR 97423

541-396-5558 (Always call before driving over.
You WILL need directions to find the shop!)

Note: Ken is involved in American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI)
videos for gunsmith training.

Comments: Ken does excellent work on all guns and is a
service center for Browning, Para-Ordinance, Thompson/Center,
Interstate ArmsCorp and Winchester.
He does not reblue nor refinish stocks.